Board of Review

Preparing for your Board of Review

    • Have your Scoutmaster's Conference Completed at least a week before the scheduled Board of Review Meeting.

    • Request a seating with the Board of Review through your Scoutmaster.

    • The dates for Boards of Review will appear on the annual Troop Calendar. The dates are subject to change but will be announced no later than one month prior to the Board meeting being held.

    • The Board may call a special Board of Review at the sole discretion of the Board.

    • Be on Time.

    • Come in a neat and complete Class A Uniform (See the Uniform Inspection Guidelines)

    • Bring a Resume with you.

    • Bring your Scout book and any relative paperwork or documentation.

    • Know who signed off each requirement, when and where it was completed.

    • Your book should not have any blank form lines from page one right up to the section you are attempting to earn. All forms should be completed.

    • Know everything about the rank you are attempting to earn.

    • Know all your "Scout" Requirements.

    • Sit up straight and look the reviewers in their eyes.

    • Try not to answer questions Yes or No, elaborate on all simple responses.

What a resume should look like

  • A resume can be any length between one paragraph and one page...Hand written is acceptable.

    • It should introduce the scout. (Who he is, current rank, rank he is attempting to earn, what school he goes to, age, grade and family)

    • It should state what the scout likes most about scouting and highlights of his scouting adventure (i.e. summer camp, service project, etc.).

    • It should conclude with his future scouting plans.

What is a Board of Review?

The Board of Review has the following objectives:

    • To make sure the Scout has completed the requirements for the rank.

    • To see how good an experience the Scout is having in the unit.

    • To encourage the Scout to progress further.

Additionally, the Board of Review provides "quality control" on advancement within the unit, it provides an opportunity for the Scout to develop and practice those skills needed in a interview situation, and it is an opportunity for the Scout to review his accomplishments.

The Board of Review is NOT a retest; the Scout has already been tested on the skills and activities required for the rank. However, the chairman of the Board of Review should ensure that all the requirements have been "signed off" in the Scout's handbook. Additionally, the chairman should ensure that leadership and merit badge records are consistent with the requirements for the rank.

The Board of Review is an opportunity to review of the Scout's attitudes, accomplishments, his acceptance of Scouting's ideals and his .compliance with Troop Guidelines.

Mechanics of a Board of Review

The Scout is introduced to the board by the Scoutmaster.

The Scout is expected to be in full Class A Uniform.

The chairman of the Board of Review should ask the Scout to come to attention, and recite one or more of the following:

    • The Scout Law

    • The Scout Oath

    • The Scout Motto

    • The Scout Slogan

    • The Outdoor Code

The board members are invited to ask questions of the Scout. The questions are open-ended, offering an opportunity for the Scout to speak about his opinions, experiences, activities, and accomplishments.

The time for a Board of Review should be from 15 to 30 minutes, with the shorter time for the lower ranks. When all members have had an opportunity to ask their questions, the Scout is excused from the room. The board members then consider whether the Scout is ready for the next rank; the board's decision must be unanimous. Once the decision is made, the Scout is invited back into the room, and the Chairperson informs the Scout of the board's decision. If the Scout is approved for the next rank, there are general congratulations and hand shakes all around, and the Scout is encouraged to continue advancing. If there are issues which prevent the Scout from advancing to the next rank, the board will detail the precise nature of the deficiencies. The Scout will be told specifically what must be done in order to be successful at the next Board of Review.

Appealing a Decision

If the appropriate board of review does not recommend the applicant for the rank advancement, the decision may be appealed to the next higher level. The Scout, his leader, or his parents may appeal the decision. With all appeal applications, the final decision rests with the national Boy Scout Committee. In ascending order, levels are unit, district, local council, and national Boy Scout Committee.